Crafted By Hand

At Press Print our focus is on detail and producing the best quality from our equipment but this is just a small part of what we do. Our vast experience in the print industry means we can assist you to achieve any effect you’re after. We offer a range of services that can make your artwork look one of a kind.

White ink

We can print white which opens up a range of design possibilities such as printing on coloured stocks, white under four colour and white over four colour.

Singer sewn binding

Using a sewing machine to stitch thread through your document in a range of different ways can really add to your design. Not to mention the endless supply of colours we can use. It’s a big hit with documents within the fashion industry.

PUR binding

PUR binding is our version of perfect binding except we use an advanced method and glue that ensures your document will have the longevity you require.

Japanese binding

When you want your document to look as individual as your artwork this method of binding can be an amazing addition to any booklet. Each section is punched and hand tied to the cover and can be secured in a range of exposed knots that can often be seen as artwork itself.

Saddle stitching

There’s nothing amazing about saddle stitching but doing it with different coloured staples could be subtle difference you’re looking for.

Duplex or triplex mounting

When you want to add weight to your piece duplexing is the way to go. Put two sheets of 350 gsm paper back to back and you end up with a substantial sheet that looks like it was printed that way.

Edge painting

Most effective once we’ve duplex or triplex mounted your artwork but a heavier stock has a thick edge that we can colour with anything from a flat colour to a range of metallics. Edge painting is a trade secret which we feel we’ve perfected.

Edge gilding

Similar to edge painting, edge gilding involves applying metallic foil to the edge of cards and documents. This is also most effective with a thick edge. If you’re looking for high impact then you can’t go past edge gilding.


There are a range of laminates for a range of purposes. An anti-scuff matt laminate can be a great finish for a design or it can simply be a protective surface.

Foiling and embossing

Adding a metallic foil to your design provides a richness that can’t be achieved with any ink. Embossing or debossing gives your paper a unique texture. It can also be part of your printed design. Combine foiling and embossing for a truly remarkable result

Spot varnishing

Applying a high gloss to a specific part of your artwork will identify your design piece as a premium product in the market place.

Router Cutting

The Kongsberg X for professional sample making. The ability to cut and crease a wide variety of materials, such as corrugated, folding carton, solid board, foam, coating blankets, wood and a long list of plastics. For all your sample making needs

Forme Cutting

This can be anything from a simple folder to kiss cut stickers, plastic, corrugated board, and fabric. Just about any shape or effect can be achieved.

Creasing, folding and trimming